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Health And Saftey

Are you aware that the current legal working height for ladders to be used to clean you windows is 29 feet? Any windows that are over that height must be cleaned by using another method.

Any windows over 10 feet and under 29 feet can not be cleaned using ladders without the use of ladders ties or another safety device such as a slip mat or someone footing the ladder, doing so is breaking Health & Safety regulations.

If a window cleaning contractor were to injure themselves whilst working on your premises, and you were not complying with Health & Safety regulations you could be held liable. Let us take that worry away for you.

ABN's window cleaning system complies with all current Health & Safety regulations as the cleaning process takes place with the operative's feet firmly on the ground, alleviating you from any Health & Safety concerns regarding the fitting of eyebolts, hiring of specialist access equipment and the criteria of using ladders over the legal height limit.

We can clean all of your windows up to a height of 65 feet with our system - SAFELY.

The main feature of our window cleaning system is that it eliminates the use of ladders and other access equipment on 95% of all buildings, a Health & Safety point which cannot and should not be ignored in today's insurance and liability conscious workplace.

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